Transform your life for a calm and confident journey through pregnancy and parenthood.


I am here to help you towards a calm pregnancy, birth and parenting journey using hypnobirthing, yoga, relaxation, coaching, breathing and relevant information for YOUR journey. Each birth, each parenting journey is unique and so are YOU.

Trust your body

During pregnancy, birth and motherhood, breathing and relaxing allows your mind and your body to work together to bring calm and wellbeing to yourself and your baby. 

A pregnant woman peaceful sleep.

Personalised coaching

One to One coaching sessions to clarify YOUR needs and help you reach your goals for birth or for your life as a parent. Transforming your life to find the right balance for YOU and build your  Calm and Confidence.

private hypnobirthing

Support for YOU

I am here to support you, using, relaxation, coaching, information, hypnobirthing. Support for YOUR journey. It will help you make the best decision for YOU and your family for birth and beyond.

Time for yourself

Stretch and relax, reflect and connect, I am here on every step of your journey

I can offer you...

  • Hypnobirthing to make you calm and confident.
  •  Support for pregnancy, birth and parenting.
  • Coaching for balance and confidence in a soft feminine energy
  • Gentle yoga to connect with your mind, body, and baby.
  • Support and healing for trauma.

What my clients say

"Peggy is a lovely, kind and talented teacher. I really enjoyed my classes and will miss going each week."
Sophie C.
"You get such a good night's sleep after taking one of Peggy's classes! She really listens too and follows up with you about any worries you have. Highly recommend."
Nathalie O.
"I really enjoyed my weekly yoga sessions with Peggy. Having never done any kind of yoga before I was nervous but the sessions were so relaxing and there was no pressure."
Lauren P.

“Take a break to focus on you, your baby, your body”

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