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Want to be yourself again beyond your roles as a mother, worker, manager, cook…..?

Are you overwhelmed or feel you have lost your joy?

Are you struggling to find a good work/family life balance?

Are you ready to change your life?

Investing in yourself is the first step towards building an authentic life full of colours. 

Create the life YOU want to live.

Being empowered, calm and happy will help your all family.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, but you are not alone.

Take the first step…

You can change your life….

and I am here to help you!

Start reconnecting with yourself now

Articles to help you start exploring How you can create more connection in your life to Become more YOU right now for FREE.

Experience the Power of Coaching for deeper transformation

One to One sessions to explore more deeply an area of your life that you want to change. 

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Embodying your Soft PowerTM

As women we are often taught that we need to juggle all the plates in our lives: having a career, a family, a healthy lifestyle,….

But we can’t keep it up by pushing through and being Superwoman. 

We need to embrace our own strenght and cycles to create a more authentic, balanced life full of colours.

Discover how the One of Many Powertypes ™ can help you on a journey of transformation and harmony. 

When you book a FREE discovery call, You can receive the amazing bonus of your personalised Powertypes Profile.

Discovery call is a FREE no obligation chat. 

How does the Magic Happen?

As a coach, I listen.

As a coach, I ask powerful, intuitive questions.

As a coach, I support, challenge, and motivate you to make positive changes in your life.

As a coach, I give you tools to understand yourself better and make the right choices for YOU.

When you work with me, I help you…

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Get Clarity on your purpose

Recognise and Let Go of your limiting beliefs

Get insight and reframe your thoughts

Get confident in the choices you make

Ready for the next step?

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1-on-1 coaching sessions are usually 1 hour and can be done in person in Bletchley (Milton Keynes), or Online.

They can be scheduled during the day, evening or on saturdays so they fit easily into your busy life as a mum.

You will be provided with deeper, more personalised support in developing goals to discovering yourself again, beyond being a Mum.

the time for change is now!

Come and have a chat…no obligation to sign up to anything.

I am gifting you a FREE 30 minutes to explore what is keeping you from living a life where YOU are happy.

Coaching can help you gain clarity and achieve your goals.

I also use NLP and Hypnosis relaxations as well as a variety of tools from One of Many leadership and empowerment programs to help you gain that clarity.

Whether you want to work towards more happiness or a better work life balance. We will explore where you are at in your life so do not worry if you are not sure what you hope to achieve. Powerful questioning will help you to create clarity.


A coaching session is primarily a conversation. 

You simply come as you are and I will help you overcome your mindset blocks, navigate your emotions and clarify where you want to go.

Coaching is not therapy.

I am not there to revisit your past or advise you in what would be best for you. You already have the strenght and knowledge within you. I will help you to rediscover them and make space for your true self in your life. 

We can work together for a few sessions to unlock a particular block or work longer to explore more deeply an aspect of your life where you want to create deep transformation.

Working for 3 months together will allow us to discover where you are at in your life, what your values are and how they serve you.

We will explore how the five powertypes can help you feel more empowered and balanced. Using the unique Powertype questionnaire and powerful excercises you will feel more calm, confiden and happy.

Working for 6 months together will give us the opportunity to use more tools to explore how to help you manage your energy and create more balance to create deep and long lasting transformation for your harmonious life full of colours.

I trained with One of many ( ICF accredited) to become a transformational life coach.  

I have been working with parents and especially mothers for the past 12 years, supporting them in their own journey. I have helped each mother make their own choices through listening, supporting, coaching and informing.

I am based in West Bletchley and can do in person session in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire. I also run Zoom Coaching sessions.

Everyone has a unique journey to craft and live.

NOW it is your turn to write YOURS!

Start creating your colourful life by joinging me for a chat.

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What my clients say

I took part in a 12 week One of Many program with Peggy as my coach. The interactions came at a point during last year when I was coping with a lot in both my personal and professional life. I was low in energy, with very changing moods and feeling lost. The biggest impact has been in giving my previously racing mind total peace. I would recommend stepping through this program to anyone feeling they have lost their way in life. I am certain that the outcome is also down to Peggy's skilled approach in listening and open questioning. So jump right in !
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After multiple lockdowns and after I went back to work after maternity leave, I was struggling with my sense of self. My role has a mum had taken over and I was struggling to make my partner, friend, and coworker roles fit into my new life.  Peggy really helped me repriorities what is important to me and what to focus my time and energy on to make space for what I valued most. I can not wait for the rest of my journey. 
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Want more for your life?


I run monthly women circles and workshops throughout the year using creative journalling and vision boards to help you create more clarity.

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Vision Board Coaching showing pictures of magasine on a vision Board
You can also read more about Vision Boards, in my new blog here.
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Life Coaching

Discover more about how you can live a life of happiness and confidence. Becoming more YOU by creating balance and harmony.


ADHD coaching

Understanding how your brain works is essential. Being supported while you create a life where you can thrive WITH your Neurodiversity even more so.