Hi ! I am Peggy, I am originally from France. I later on landed in England after living in Tanzania.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I discovered a world that became my passion: motherhood, and especially supporting women through their mothering journey.

I met many women who inspired me to pass on wisdom and knowledge. I hope i am able to bring a little more calm to the life of anxious, tired and often lonely mums. 

I started training with the NCT in 2009 as a Postnatal Practitioner and have since grown even more,  discovering new skills to pass on to the mums I support. I trained as a babywearing consultant, antenatal teacher and more recently as a Yoga teacher specialising in Yoga for pregnancy.

I love meeting pregnant women and seeing them grow as mothers.

There is no one way to be a mother, but I hope that by sharing this journey with you I can bring some calm for you to travel through and find YOUR own way. Love, Peggy

Welcome to Mothercalm

Are you looking for a relaxation class during pregnancy? An antenatal course for information and friends?
Or do you want to join a postnatal group to meet other parents, I am here for you!