Who is Peggy?

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Hi !

I am Peggy, originally from France.

When I was pregnant with my first son: I fell in love, struggled, laughed, cried, felt lonely, amazed, depressed, met new friends and discovered a world that became my passion: motherhood, and especially supporting women through their mothering journey.

In 2008 I started training as a Babywearing consultant while founding with other mums the Oxford sling Meet and library.  I have since added new skills: Postnatal group Support, Antenatal Teaching and more recently Yoga, Birth Trauma Resolution, Mother Blessing Celebrant and Life coach.

I have met many women who have inspired me, passing on  their wisdom and knowledge. It has helped me to grow and learn more about myself and how to leave a more balanced life.

There is no one way to be a mother, but I hope that by sharing this journey with you I can bring some calm for you to travel through and find YOUR own way.

 Love, Peggy

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