Pregnancy and Birth

Yoga for Pregnancy

Tuesdays ONLINE 

 It is a great way to stay calm during pregnancy, relieve aches and pains and prepare for birth, with a nice relaxation at the end to be ready for a good night sleep.

Suitable from 12 weeks, no experience necessary.

Classes are small and always include a chance to chat and get to know other mums. Online: from £5 /per class. 

 £1 concessions: use code Onepound

Preparing for Birth Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Group Classes  or  Private one to one preparation

 Using a range of tools (Hypnobirthing, coaching, antenatal teaching, relaxation, …) a unique program to get you Calm and Confident, ready for birth and parenting.

hypnobirthing course
private hypnobirthing

Moving for Birth Together

A chance to try different comfort measures for Birth, Positions, Massage, Breathing techniques and relaxation. I will also show you biomechanics techniques for birth to help get your baby in an optimal position for birth.

A chance for your Birth Partner to discover and understand how to support you during the birth.
From the comfort and privacy of your home.

Ideal in the last trimester but suitable throughout pregnancy.

2 hours – Small group of 6 couples.  £35 per couple.

Please contact me if Price is an issue.

Mother Blessing

An alternative to baby showers.

This ceremony is a time for women to come together to celebrate and nurture the mother to be,  through readings, creative affirmations for birth and postnatal messages, massage, read thread ceremonial.

A personalised and unique way to empower the woman emotionally, physically and mentally in her last weeks of pregnancy and birth, ready to be the mother she wants to be.

3 hours of sharing with special people in your life, organised and supported by Peggy.