You and Baby

Mothercalm Circle

A  weekly time to explore life with your baby: crying, sleep, development… but also your journey as a mother and the future. It will be a chance to discuss and learn with other mothers who have similar age babies.

My groups are currently run on Zoom and ongoing support is organised through Whatsapp so you can be supported from the comfort of your sofa. Don’t worry if your baby is unsettled, you can take care of your baby and continue to participate.

Baby massage

Baby massage has many benefits, not only can it help relax and soothe both of you, it really helps strengthen that parent and baby bond.

During the course, you will build up learning a variety of strokes over the coming weeks, the benefits the different strokes can have I.e. trapped wind, with lots of songs and nursery rhymes! Baby massage is also a great way of getting to know other parents, with opportunities to chat and socialise.

Age range: from 6-8 week postnatal check, up until furniture walking (or very active!)

Mother and Baby Yoga

Mother and baby yoga is a postnatal yoga class that you can do with your baby; enabling you to exercise gently and breathe, having fun with your baby, supporting their development as well as meeting other mums.

The poses and breathing exercises focus on common ailments associated with the postnatal body i.e. muscle separation and pelvic floor, whilst involving your baby. 

The poses include lots of nursery rhymes, songs, use of toys and brightly coloured scarves to keep your little one not only entertained but also to encourage bonding and support their development. The sessions includes a relaxation enabling that all important headspace, enabling you to reconnect with your baby and helping babies feel calm too.

Age range: from 6-8 week postnatal check, up until furniture walking