Mother Blessing

Mother Blessing is a ceremony originating from Blessingways ceremonies in the Navajo tradition. It is a time to gather, celebrate and empower a mother to be at the end of her pregnancy for the journey to come. A great alternative to baby showers, focusing on the mother.

It is tailored to the needs and wishes of the mother, surrounded by the people that are special in her life.

It helps the mother prepare emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each ceremony is unique but often include: affirmations, stories, massage, thread ceremony, art, … and finishes around a nourishing shared meal together.

While it can be deeply spiritual, you do not needs to follow a religion, but equally I can adapt the ceremony to your beliefs.

The ceremony usually lasts 3 hours and can take place at your home, in nature, a community venue or anywhere you feel comfortable and safe. It is also possible to arrange it over Zoom in a slightly different way.

The fee for the ceremony is £150.

£100 if on Zoom (please contact me if price is a barrier)

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