Traumatic Birth Recovery - 3 Step Rewind

Whether you suffered from birth trauma, unresolved emotions linked to your fertility journey, miscarriages, breastfeeding or any other difficult experiences,

 TBR 3 Step Rewind can help you !

Having emotions resurface after birth or any experience can be normal. However, when these emotions keep replaying, leaving you feeling anxious or hyper-vigilant it isn’t normal anymore.  You might even experience sleep disturbance, emotional distress or other symptoms. People might tell you to get over it, but it isn’t that easy.

Using deep relaxation and a reframing technique I can help your brain to process and resolve the emotions attached to the difficult memories. and lift these symptoms.

3 sessions of about 1 hr.

Space to be heard without judgement.

Supportive tools to heal.

£120 (on Zoom)      £150 (in person)

Contact me if price is a barrier.

What is the TBR 3 step rewind?

Alex Heath from Traumatic Birth Recovery explains the TBR 3 step rewind method in details in her article here.

The process involves 3 stages:

  •  Time to hear your story (if you want to, there is no obligation) and understand how you would like to feel after our work together.
  • Using deep relaxation in every session to help you feel calm and allow your brain to use the memories is a safe and secure process.
  • Using visualisation to help your brain to respond to the memories in a more positive way.
photo from nine koepfer unsplash

Peggy has been working with parents for more than 12 years, through antenatal classes, postnatal support groups, mothers circles… Supporting them through different journeys and decisions.