Vision Board – What? Why? How?

What is a Vision Board?

I first looked at Vision boards as a little craft thing that looked fun.
A few people mentioned doing one and how it really helped them create a life with more of what they wanted. I was just starting to feel the need to discover more about what I wanted and was craving time for me in the midst of motherhood. Does it sound familiar?

I had recently moved and we were renovating our house, so there was no time….as I used to say. A year later, a few colleagues raved again about how they had spent a day with a local yoga teacher creating a vision board and how it had been amazing. They felt more insight into what they wanted for their life and felt inspire to make it happen.
And so a few weeks later I started looking. How could I do one ? where to start ? I felt quickly overwhelmed and shelved the idea….it took another couple of months before I hard the same yoga teacher announce she was organising more Vision Board days. I was excited but many questions started coming….can I leave the kids for a ALL day? Can I spend that much for a day for me?

I took the plunge….and booked her days for the subsequent years as it was indeed amazing!

What is a Vision Board?


It is a collage of words and pictures that represent something you are hoping to materialise or make happen in your life. It is a tool. Different people will use it in different ways.
This article dives a little deeper into what vision boards are.

It is all about intentions. James Clear explain in his books how creating intentions changes how likely we are to create a habit or succeed in a project. This is how Vision Boards can make a difference, using the power of connecting to your dreams and intentions, you can make more happen in your life.

Vision Board showing a picture of women connecting and embracing. Coaching

What kind of Vision Board should I create?

collage of picture creating a vision board self development tool

Business Vision Board

  • Specific to one area

If you want to create one for a specific purpose or with a particular idea/project in mind, you can use powerpoint or Canva to choose some pictures to create on digitally or print the pictures and create your board. It is fairly quick and very focused. You could even have several boards for different intentions. Just make sure you choose pictures or words that inspire you.

  • Life vision board

I help people create their life vision board. These will take more time and will help you to dream bigger, wider. Connecting with where you are, grounding yourself and letting go first using relaxation and breathing can then help us to connect to this bigger vision, to allow the dreams to form.

There is no focus to start and yet a clear intention to connect to YOUR life.

For this board it is important to take time to browse, dream and choose pictures and words that create emotions without necessarily being sure of what they mean yet. It is amazing how at the end of the day a picture start appearing.

Vision Board showing a picture saying Ose meaning Dare in french

How do I create a life vision board?

  1. Find a board, it needs to be rigid so you can hang it. And magasines, a good variety: ask neighbours, friends, family or like I did, ask on Facebook Marketplace.
  2. Prepare scissors, glue but also tea and sustanance so you can really indulge in this special time.
  3. Find a Meditation or prayer that will help you to feel relaxed and grounded.
  4. Let go: write on a piece of paper the things  and emotions you don’t want to keep in your life going forward. don’t think … just write everything. and then, burn this list. Fire is amazing to help you let go.
  5. Now close your eyes and see yourself in the future. What is around you? How does your life looks like? Allow the dream to come, don’t force it.
  6. Now get into the magasines, cut any picture or word that creates something in you, again don’t think too much.
  7. Once you have a good collection, arrange them on your board and when you are happy glue them on.
  8. Admire and dream while gazing at your board.

Do Vision Board actually work?

As Tchiki Davis explains 

There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence behind vision boards. Because there isn’t a lot of evidence behind some coaching and counselling techniques we use and yet they make a real difference to some people’s lives.

Although Oprah in her article explains that “some of the world’s most influential thought leaders all agree: It’s wholly possible to turn your dreams into reality. It’s called manifestation. Well, that and hard work.”

It is a similar question to asking, does prayer or meditation work ?

Allow yourself to dream and try for yourself to make your own mind.

Vision Board Coaching showing pictures of magasine on a vision Board

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What to do to make your Vision Board work.

This is a key component. It is one step to create your board, but if it stays sitting behind your sofa …. What is the point?

Find a place in your house to display it so you can see it regularly, this will help your unconscious to make the vision more and more important for you. You are then much more likely to take actions and talk to people that will help you towards reaching your dream.

You might also want to journal on it, just see how this dream develops. If something clear came out of doing the board, you might contact a person who will support you in making it happen, or make a plan with clear goals on making it happen.

The board is just the spark, the start….

So much can after from this beginning.

Still unsure, where to start? I can help you. 

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Woman Life Coach sitting at a desk journaling

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